Nintendo Switch Lite/Pro Controller Mount

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Exclusive console clip made for the Dual Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite, allowing you to play games pairing with a Pro controller, providing a smoother gaming experience.
Simple Assembly - This lightweight yet sturdy clamp can easily snap on to your Pro controller and holds your Pro controller and Switch console securely.
Adjustable - 3 different angles console clip for your favourite choice of viewing angle when playing games.
Compact Design - Easily folds down when not in use for great portability, you can carry the clip and enjoy gaming anytime anywhere.
Note - Only fit for Nintendo Switch / Switch Lite and Pro Controller.
Only Clip holder, do not include the console and pro controller.
Securely attaches your Nintendo Switch/Lite Devices to a Nintendo Pro Controller.
Ideal for portable and comfortable gaming.

The mount sits on top of the controller, which allows for the centre of gravity to sit comfortably aligned with the middle of your palms, and reduce wrist strain.
It has an adjustable viewing angle for a more comfortable experience.
It is designed to be used with Nintendo Pro Controllers controllers only and will not work with any other controllers.