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  • PROTECTION AGAINST BLUE LIGHT--The DUCO amber tint lens would not block all blue light but only block harmful high energy blue light from 400 to 480 nm, it will balance the vision and makes you feel comfortable while watching on screen for long time.
  • DUCO TAKES CARE OF YOUR EYES' HEALTH--The human eye hasn't evolved to stare at a screen many hours a day, and blue light from computer screens can potentially lead to health issues down the road, such as retina macular degeneration as well as cataracts. Choose DUCO's amber tinted computer glasses for men and women to block the blue light from your laptop, computers, monitor, television,ipad, and any other screens.
  • IMPROVE YOUR SLEEP--Screens prevent you from quickly falling into a restful sleep, notably by messing with you circadian cycle. This is caused by the blue light. By filtering it you can very quickly fall asleep and enjoy a full night of proper rest. Have DUCO's glasses, enjoy your sleep!
  • VERY HIGH PROTECTION AGAINST BLUE LIGHT (400 to 500 nm), the percentage of light blue filtration is up to 90% or more, great for gamer