Gaming Mouse Pad

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Vibrant designs and colours.

Fade and scratch resistant.
Large surface is ideal for FPS games such as OW and TF2
Do a 360 degree turn without lifting up your mouse!
It looks awesome. Especially with a mechanical keyboard.
Unique design.
Smooth tracking surface allow easy use of your mouse.
2mm thickness, ergonomic to reduce your wrist pressure.
Anti-slip rubber back, close to the desk.
It can be rolling up, to packed into the bag, be convenient to carry anywhere.
Prevents movement of keyboard when on mouse mat.
Evens out an un-even surface providing a flat surface for your keyboard to sit on.
The large, thick surface also protects your desk surface against scratches and damage!
Color:As picture show
Product Material:Rubber
Product Size:900*400*2mm
Style:Radiation Protection